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Tax for companies to be reduced

Stoel 2e kamer

Currently corporate income tax to be paid in the Netherlands is 20% on the first 200.000 euro and 25% on the remainder. The gouvernement announced that the rates will be lowered:

  • 2019: 19% and 24%
  • 2020: 17,5% and 22,5%
  • 2021: 16% and 21%

There was discussion about increasing the amount of the first layer but

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Dutch Governement: planning to abolish dividend tax

Dutch Tax office

The Dutch Gouvernement announced that they are planning to abolish withholding dividend tax starting in 2019. The plans trigger a lot of discussion in parlement but until now the gouvernement plans remain unchanged. This is of interest  for countries

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The Netherlands opens Commercial Court


An important condition for a good business climate is an independent, impartial and high-quality government judicial system. In this respect the Dutch judicial system obtains a high score. There are courts at several locations, including Leeuwarden

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Holland Has Lowest Costs for Business in Europe

The country ranks among top three globally on KPMG study


The Netherlands has retained its No. 1 ranking in Europe and No. 3 ranking overall on KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives 2016. The high value of the U.S. dollar has driven down the cost of doing

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New mother daughter guideline

Dutch Tax office

On the first of January 2016 a new law will come into effect in the Netherlands. Through this law the Dutch governement wishes to limit constructions which in the Netherlands are considered part of the particpation and at the same time are considered taxable

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Networking in the Northern Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the best connected countries in the world. Not only by wire but also “en face”. More than 2.500 clubs are active in the Netherlands. To feel at home, to learn more about our culture, our way of doing business or just

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Starbucks deal disputed by EU


After a very early anouncement in June 2014 the EU on the 21st of October 2015 finally published their position on the transferpricing deal between the Dutch governement and Starbucks.

Commissioner Vestager stated that: “Tax rulings that artificially

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G8 2013 Summit on international tax


During the G8 2013 summit the leaders of world leading countries discussed the international tax situation under the Uk’s presidency. The outcome is that all particpants will work toward more transparancy by sharing tax information.

For the

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