Networking in the Northern Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the best connected countries in the world. Not only by wire but also “en face”. More than 2.500 clubs are active in the Netherlands. To feel at home, to learn more about our culture, our way of doing business or just to meet people, networking is the way to go. Also in the Northern Netherlands are several clubs active. Business Clubs, commercial clubs, export clubs and others. The World Trade Center Business Club focuses on companies with international ambition to help them in making contact with other local, national and international companies. Members of the WTC Business Club varies from producers, traders to service related companies. The members meet 6 times a year. Three to four of these meetings are company visits.

The North is international:
Presently in the Northern 3 provinces we have 10.000 high skilled migrants, similar amount of international students, 14.000 labor migrants and 8.000 self employed internationals. They come from all over the world. One of the organizations related to the WTC is the International Welcome Center Northern Netherlands. This center helps internationals to find their way in the North. From working permit to a dentist. The IWCN(.nl) has also a network of and for expats.

By Evert Jan Schouwstra
Managing director WTC Noord Nederland/ Northern Netherlands

November 2, 2015